What is condition monitoring?

Condition monitoring is a process where high-tech industrial machinery is checked for condition changes such as vibration and temperature. Identifying such changes could indicate a developing fault. Implementing condition monitoring is extremely important for a business as it allows for maintenance to be scheduled and preventative actions to be taken to reduce costly downtime.

Condition monitoring techniques are implemented on a wide a range of equipment, including rotating machinery, auxiliary systems and other parts such as compressors, pumps, and motors. Condition monitoring equipment from Monitran will help to monitor vibration levels, and warn when a part is not working safely or effectively. 

Why should it be done?

There are many reasons why condition monitoring should be undertaken by a business, such as to:

  • Avoid unplanned downtime

Taking preventative measures to avoid unplanned downtimes as much as possible a business can prevent costly production delays; delays not only lead to lost revenue; they can potentially lead to a loss of reputation if orders are not completed on time. 

  • Protect other systems

A machine failure can cause damage to and within other systems, increasing the level of the problem to having a wider effect on a business. Ensuring this does not happen can mean that a business does not have to buy and store a large number of different spare parts. Instead they will be forewarned of the need to replace a part, and order that when it is needed.  

  • Eliminate unnecessary maintenance 

Condition monitoring being implemented as part of a predictive maintenance programme can allow a business to reduce the need for unnecessary maintenance. They will only need to schedule repairs when required, meaning that they can get more working value from each machine. 

Furthermore, if machines are running well there will be less energy wasted, which is an increasingly important consideration given the recent rises in energy costs.

Condition monitoring by Monitran

At Monitran, our MTN/5032 microcomputer-controlled multichannel condition monitoring system is extremely versatile. It can be used to measure vibration, display values, and constantly watch the levels to see if any dangerous activity is happening. If you would like to find out more about this condition monitoring system then please contact us now.

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