Monitoring Systems

Sensors alone do not provide the complete answer to measuring vibration and using the data to better understand machine health. Monitran offers a short range of monitoring systems that can be used not only to measure vibration but to display values, constantly watch the levels and take action in case of excess and dangerous vibrations. These range through the following:

  • simple portable vibration meters ideal for spot measurements around the plant
  • single channel vibration switches integrating sensors with a measuring and alarm unit
  • multi-channel permanently installed monitors
  • the latest microprocessor controlled system with colour display and programmability to handle any vibration problem in machinery or non-machinery applications

In all the above different controllers are linked to the ideal sensor for measurement to provide the user with flexible and effective solutions to protecting the users assets. These systems can be found in the categories on the left.

Monitoring systems

This advanced microcomputer controlled multichannel condition monitoring system has extreme versatility allowing it to be dedicated to a wide range of condition monitoring applications. Normally located within a weatherproof enclosure it constantly shows each sensor status through a colour display and initiates alarms when necessary. Full integration with other control systems and types of sensors, in addition to vibration, are standard features.


MTN/5000 The MTN/5032 features a 5.0 inch TFT touchscreen with an easy-to-navigate menu that enables users to set data sampling periods, alarm threshold levels and delay times on a channel-by-channel basis or across all channels. The system will accept voltage or 4-20mA inputs and can be used to simultaneously monitor velocity, envelope G and temperature. AC outputs are available via door-mounted BNCs for easy analysis and Modbus TCP/IP output for remote monitoring.

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Monitran Product Range



Ideal for use with portable and on-line vibration analysers.

monitoring systems

Monitoring Systems

Monitoring systems that can be used to measure vibration.



Switch Enclosures and Connection Enclosures by Monitran.

linear variable differential transformer


LVDT'S are a popular tansducer in industrial applications.

eddy current probes and drivers


The latest precision-wound copper coil Proximity Sensors.



Allowing the user access to a vibration sensor for machinery.

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