Monitoring Systems

Sensors alone do not provide the complete answer to measuring vibration and using the data to better understand machine health. Monitran offers a short range of monitoring systems that can be used not only to measure vibration but to display values, constantly watch the levels and take action in case of excess and dangerous vibrations. These range through the following:

  • simple portable vibration meters ideal for spot measurements around the plant
  • single channel vibration switches integrating sensors with a measuring and alarm unit
  • multi-channel permanently installed monitors
  • the latest microprocessor controlled system with colour display and programmability to handle any vibration problem in machinery or non-machinery applications

In all the above different controllers are linked to the ideal sensor for measurement to provide the user with flexible and effective solutions to protecting the users assets. These systems can be found in the categories on the left.

Signal processing

The AC outputs from constant-current accelerometers allow vibration analysis when connected to FFT analysers but when connected to the following modules provide vibration signals that can be monitored constantly via PLCs and controllers either analogue or digital. RMS velocity or acceleration, peak acceleration or envelope g permit monitoring of either overall machine or bearing vibrations.

MTN/8006, TC

MTN/8006 The 8006 vibration module is designed to power and accept a signal from a constant-current accelerometer. The signal can be integrated and converted to a 4-20mA current proportional to velocity (8006) or a standard acceleration (8006g) output. The unit is housed in a DIN rail mounting box for easy installation into junction boxes etc.

MTN/8006TC is a DIN rail-mounted temperature signal conditioning unit converts voltage input to 4-20mA output.




MTN/8065The 8065 vibration module is designed to power and accept an AC signal from a constant-current accelerometer. The module integrates this signal and provides a 0-10V output proportional to RMS velocity and enveloped g output plus a buffered, unfiltered (raw AC) output for connection to a data collector. The module can operate with any 2-wire constant-current accelerometer i.e. 1100, 1120, 1130, 1830, 1135 etc. Envelope g values are considered by many to be a sensitive and convenient marker for bearing wear.



MTN/8066The 8066 g-mac powers any constant-current accelerometer and provides two outputs; velocity and peak g. The first is a measure of overall system vibration while the second provides large signals for small changes in high frequency vibrations and thus is sensitive to bearing faults. An AC output via a BNC connector is available for complete vibration analysis with an FFT analyser while the user can select 4-20mA or 0-10V outputs for monitoring the DC vibration signals in a PLC, DCS or other industrial controller.


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Monitran Product Range



Ideal for use with portable and on-line vibration analysers.

monitoring systems

Monitoring Systems

Monitoring systems that can be used to measure vibration.



Switch Enclosures and Connection Enclosures by Monitran.

linear variable differential transformer


LVDT'S are a popular tansducer in industrial applications.

eddy current probes and drivers


The latest precision-wound copper coil Proximity Sensors.



Allowing the user access to a vibration sensor for machinery.

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