Using LVDT transducers

An LVDT transducer is a type of electromechanical sensor and its design typically consists of a primary coil, a secondary coil assembly, and a core. These transducers play a pivotal role in converting linear displacement into an electrical signal, facilitating precise and reliable measurements in various applications.

Functioning of LVDT Transducers

The core of the LVDT transducer is a movable rod or armature positioned within the coils. As the core moves linearly within the coils due to the displacement being measured, it induces a varying electromagnetic coupling between the primary and secondary coils. This change in coupling results in an output voltage that correlates directly with the displacement of the core. The differential output enables precise measurement and eliminates common-mode interference, making LVDT transducers highly accurate and reliable.

Applications in Industrial Measurement

LVDT transducers find widespread application in diverse industrial settings where precise linear displacement measurements are critical. In manufacturing processes, LVDTs are employed for quality control, ensuring components meet stringent dimensional specifications. These transducers are also integral in machinery and equipment where the accurate positioning of components is vital for optimal performance.

The ability to provide accurate and repeatable measurements makes LVDTs essential in ensuring the reliability and performance of a wide range of industrial applications. 

Benefits of LVDT Transducers

The inherent characteristics of LVDT transducers contribute to their widespread adoption in industrial applications. One key advantage is their high resolution, allowing for precise measurements down to a fraction of a micron. Additionally, LVDTs are known for their long life and reliability, making them suitable for continuous operation in demanding environments.

The non-contact nature of LVDTs, where the core does not physically touch the coils, ensures minimal wear and tear, resulting in low maintenance requirements. Their ability to operate in extreme temperatures and resist environmental factors such as moisture and vibration further enhances their suitability for diverse industrial settings.

LVDT transducers stand as indispensable tools for industrial measurements, providing unparalleled precision in linear displacement sensing. Their design, functionality, and application versatility make them vital components in manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, and various other industries. Here at Monitran we supply a wide range of LVDT’s that are made from stainless steel. These are the:

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