The purpose of accelerometers

Accelerometers are used to monitor a wide range of machines, such as motors, pumps, fans, compressors and turbines. They measure vibration using electrical signals, allowing insights into how well a machine is running and help detect any structural issues. There are many reasons why a business should use accelerometers to monitor their machines, including:

1) They help prevent costly downtime

One of the main reasons to use an accelerometer to monitor a machine is that it can help prevent costly downtime and keep operational processes running. By identifying and catching problems before they turn into equipment failures, machines can be kept running, saving a business money and reducing costly downtime that can occur when machines break down.

2) They increase safety

Accelerometers are used by businesses across a wider range of industries in order to increase the overall safety of their operations. Hazardous conditions can arise when a machine is running abnormally and a business can take pre-emptive action to keep employees safe and out of harm’s way with vibration monitoring. The sooner issues are detected, the more likely it is they will be fixed, making the machines safer.

3) They can save money on large repairs

Measuring vibration within machines can help save a business money on repairs. If an issue is detected early, less work will be required to deal with the problem, and a business is less likely to have to replace a machine due to extensive damage. Accelerometers help businesses be proactive about monitoring the condition of their equipment and avoid major production failures.

4) They help a business to understand their machines

Understanding how a machine is operating is extremely beneficial to a business and its operations. Accelerometers allow businesses to understand their machine, meaning they can easily view vibration readings and detect when something is wrong, and make repairs right away. This understanding will help a business to keep its machines running longer and more efficiently.

Overall the purpose of accelerometers is to help a business monitor how their machines are operating. They can support a company’s defence against unscheduled downtime. Unpredicted machine issues or failures can cost businesses time and money. By monitoring the vibration on machinery, a business can be instantly alerted of any defects within machine processes before the machine fails or critical damage occurs.

Here at Monitran we offer general and special purpose accelerometers that can be used in a diverse range of applications including industrial processing, power stations, water treatment, wind turbines, mining and the oil and gas industry. If you would like to find the best accelerometer for your needs then please contact us now.

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