Switch Boxes

Switch boxes, also known as switching boxes or switcher boxes, are devices used in various fields to manage and control the flow of signals between multiple input sources and output destinations. In laboratory, industrial, and research settings, efficient data management is crucial for accurate analysis, troubleshooting, and experimentation. Switch boxes are used in these environments, facilitating the seamless switching and monitoring of data sources. From streamlining testing procedures to enhancing diagnostic capabilities, these devices play a pivotal role in ensuring data integrity and operational efficiency.

Streamlining Data Acquisition

Switch boxes are instrumental in streamlining the process of data acquisition by enabling users to switch between multiple data sources effortlessly. In testing environments, where diverse signals from sensors, instruments, or equipment need to be monitored and analysed, these devices offer a centralised solution for managing data streams. Whether it's capturing temperature readings, voltage fluctuations, or pressure measurements, switch boxes provide researchers and technicians with the flexibility to access relevant data sources with ease.

Enhanced Experimental Flexibility

In research laboratories, where experiments often involve intricate setups and intricate instrumentation, the ability to manipulate data streams in real-time is invaluable. Switch boxes allow researchers to customise experimental configurations by selectively routing data from specific sensors or devices to data acquisition systems or analysis tools.

Facilitating Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

In industrial automation and quality control processes, the timely detection and resolution of anomalies are critical for maintaining operational efficiency and product quality. Switch boxes serve as essential diagnostic tools, allowing engineers and technicians to isolate and analyse data from different components in real-time. By swiftly switching between various data sources, these devices facilitate targeted troubleshooting efforts, enabling prompt identification of performance bottlenecks or malfunctions.

Switch boxes from Monitran

The importance of efficient data management cannot be overstated. Switch boxes are indispensable tools for orchestrating complex data acquisition processes, enabling researchers, engineers, and technicians to harness the full potential of their data resources. At Monitran our MTN/3000 series manual switching units have been designed to enable inaccessible points to be monitored and hard wired back to a safe position. Our units allow sensor outputs to be either analysed or relayed to a remote data system with multicore cables. To find out more please contact us now

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Ideal for use with portable and on-line vibration analysers.

Monitran 5032

Monitoring Systems

Monitoring systems that can be used to measure vibration.



Switch Enclosures and Connection Enclosures by Monitran.

linear variable differential transformer


LVDT'S are a popular tansducer in industrial applications.

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The latest precision-wound copper coil Proximity Sensors.



Allowing the user access to a vibration sensor for machinery.

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