Bespoke Solutions

Monitran has years of experience at the forefront of vibration sensor design, and has a reputation for producing bespoke sensors in line with customers' specific requirements. Follow the links to read about some examples.

Wind Turbine

A wind turbine operator required a custom-built tri-axial accelerometer for building into an oil-filled gearbox for long-term testing on a number of turbines. Monitran engineered an innovative doughnut-shaped unit with three constant-current sensors around the periphery. This exactly matched the dimensions of the restricted space available whilst still allowing oil to pass through the centre to maintain lubrication integrity.

Deep Sea Oil Extraction

A North Sea oil contractor required a fleet of tri-axially mounted accelerometers to operate at depth in sea water. To ensure long life in this hostile environment a custom version of the 1100W and tri-axial mounting block was engineered from DUPLEX F54 steel. DUPLEX stainless steels have many times the resistance to corrosion in seawater and industrial brine solutions than the standard grade of steel or even the 316 stainless steel which is often offered for this type of application.

Steam Turbine

A steam turbine manufacturer required a compact charge output accelerometer to replace units that were no longer available from the previous supplier. Monitran was able to provide a side-entry version of the P100 in a modified rectangular format to fit the restricted space and provide the same signal output as the original.

Mine Ventilation

A mining equipment supplier was using a large number of our 1185C velocity sensors on high capacity extraction fans and found that plant operators were carelessly abusing the sensors and connections (even using them as footholds during maintenance). While it was clearly beyond Monitran’s capability to correct this behaviour, it was possible to reengineer the conventional top entry sensor in a side-entry version. This made the sensor much more robust and compact. At the same time the cable connections were re-engineered so that they offered no option for casual damage. This unit was so successful that it has now become a standard version.

If you cannot see a standard product with the configuration or specifications you need then take advantage of our experience and capabilities and either call us at the above number or email us through our Contact Us page.


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