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Oscillating beam rig helps test Monitran low frequency sensors

Oscillating Beam

Accelerometers and velocity meters are used to measure a wide range of frequencies, including low frequency vibrations found in building maintenance. They occur at less than 2Hz, and can also be useful in monitoring bearing wear in cooling tower fans and gearboxes for example.

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Maintenance 2017 Expo, Dortmund, Germany

We showcased our new 32 channel condition monitoring system. The MTN/5032 can monitor and log velocity, envelope g and temperature on all channels. We had a unit on display and were demonstrating to old and new customers who visited the stand. 

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The clues are all there

A newly developed condition monitoring system is proving its worth in the dairy industry.

Adopting a condition-based predictive maintenance (CBPM) strategy is widely recognised as the best way of protecting expensive plant and equipment - particular that which is required to operate 24/7 - against unexpected failure and as a means of better scheduling servicing.

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On your Guard

Andy Anthony, Managing Director of Monitran, explains how a bespoke vibration monitoring system developed for protecting the twin drivetrains of a hovercraft led to the launch of a versatile commercial solution.

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Safeguarding the Station

Andy Anthony, Managing Director of Monitran, explains how vibration and temperature condition monitoring are protecting a new biomass rail load-out system.

Biomass power stations have much in common with those that burn coal and oil, in that they can quickly generate power in order to meet fluctuations in demand

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