LVDT sensors

An LVDT sensor, an electromechanical device commonly utilised in industrial applications, comprises primary and secondary coil assemblies along with a movable core. This core translates linear displacement into an electrical signal, crucial for precise measurements across a wide range of industrial applications. 

Operating Principle

The core's movement within the coils induces electromagnetic coupling variations between the primary and secondary coils. Consequently, this alteration generates an output voltage proportional to the core's displacement. Notably, the differential output minimises common-mode interference, ensuring high accuracy and reliability.

Industrial Applications

LVDT sensors play pivotal roles in industrial sectors where precise linear displacement measurements are imperative. In manufacturing, they ensure components meet exact dimensional standards, enhancing quality control. They are also integral in machinery, ensuring optimal component positioning for efficient performance.


LVDT sensors offer numerous benefits. Notably, they boast high resolution, enabling precise measurements at microscopic levels. Their longevity and reliability suit continuous operation in demanding environments. Additionally, their non-contact design minimises wear, translating to low maintenance needs. Their resilience to extreme temperatures and environmental factors further solidifies their suitability for diverse industrial settings.

LVDT sensors

LVDT sensors are indispensable tools in industrial measurement, offering unparalleled precision in linear displacement sensing. Their versatility extends across manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, and various other sectors. At Monitran, we provide a comprehensive range of stainless steel LVDT sensors to cater to diverse industrial needs. 

Our LVDTs are split into the following categories:

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LVDT'S are a popular tansducer in industrial applications.

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