Enhancing Safety with Hazardous Area Sensors

Hazardous area sensors are certified as able to function effectively within dangerous environments. These sensors do the same job as standard vibration and temperature sensors but have been designed to withstand tougher surroundings and more demanding environments. As these sensors are stronger and more resistant to harsh surroundings, they are certified for use in hazardous areas such as mines. 

Vibration sensors are critical components for businesses in ensuring that their equipment is operating effectively. Their primary purpose is to monitor machinery that is being used for various industrial activities and identify changes within it. By continuously monitoring machines, our vibration sensors allow operators to take preventive measures and promptly respond to any abnormal situations, reducing the likelihood of accidents and protecting human lives.

The use for Hazardous area sensors

In high-risk sectors like oil and gas, chemical manufacturing, and mining, the use of vibration sensors that have been purposely designed to withstand the rigours of the environment in which they are to be placed, is indispensable to maintaining a secure workplace and preventing large scale incidents.

Here at Monitran we offer a range of ATEX/IECex certified sensors that are certified for use in hazardous areas. For example we provide the:

  • MTN/M1100I ATEX/IECex vibration sensor group I for hazardous areas (specifically mining)
  • MTN/1100I ATEX/IECex vibration sensor group II for hazardous areas

To find out more about these sensors, and to see our full range, take a look here.

Hazardous area sensors have become indispensable tools for ensuring safety in industrial environments where machines require constant monitoring. These sensors continuously monitor and detect potential issues with industrial machinery that functions within hazardous areas, providing valuable real-time data that enables a quick response and mitigates risks.

If you work within an environment that contains hazardous areas and require specialist sensors to enhance the overall safety of your business operations then please speak with one of our experts today

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